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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

A Parent's Love: Irreplaceable. Unmatched. Self-Sacrificing.

As a parent, you know the love you have for your children. You will sacrifice and go without, just to make sure your kids are safe, well fed, well loved and well protected. You don't even think twice about countless hours spent helping with homework, studying, watching dance moves, listening to instruments, driving them to practice, solving problems, wiping tears, navigating friendships, dealing with emotions of growing up...just to mention a "few" things that we do without batting an eye. I'm sure you guys can add a gazillion other things to this list.

No matter how tight your Mommy or Dad game is, or how well organized you are as a parent the above sometimes comes with its own set of special tears. But the tears I'm talking about today are a little different. These are the tears of appreciation that come from being on the RECEIVING end of your parents love as an ADULT. Have you ever cried those tears?

I've recently experienced this love on a different level. After each of my kid's births I spent a couple weeks at my parents' home recouping (c-secs and natural births). We live 5 minutes apart, but the layout of their home is more conducive for recovery because of the minimal stairs). As a family we were always grateful for the help during these 1st weeks!

This time was a little different. I had major surgery that required no stairs for 2 weeks, but, there was no little bundle of joy in tow, just surgery & pain. My parents provided what I call a five-star health resort stay. Catering to my every need and want even before I even realized what I needed or wanted. I felt like a little girl again under the safe keep & protection of her parents.

My younger kids stayed with me the entire time & the big kids and hubby took turns visiting so that added a next level liveliness to the house. We had a great time as a family. We spent much of our time singing, listening to music, eating, playing board games, enjoying meals, reminiscing and laughing.

When it was time to return home, we all wondered how we had so much "stuff" to take home. Answer...during the stay, the kids made a couple pit stops at our house and returned with suitcases and toys and books and whatever they could fit into their many bags. Plus a plethora of things I packed...just in case (Mom habit). On top of our stuff, my parents sent us home with food, food, more food and the kids favorite snacks.

It was definitely bittersweet! Sad to go because I would definitely the care, and I knew that mommyhood would return to normal (to a degree) when I stepped in the front door. But alas, it was time get back to my life, being wife and mom as best I can until full recovery.

It was bittersweet for my parents too because the house would be quiet crazy kids running around making them laugh, no loudish music (courtesy of yours truly), no out of the blue arguments about who stole who's blanket or who left the candy wrapper on the floor that needed to be solved by the Grans. But they too would get their life back to normal and get some much-needed rest!

These two weeks were irreplaceable and can never be repaid in my book. My mom says I can pay that bill by returning the favor when they are older & in need. Who on earth wants to even think about that?!

I will love and appreciate them every day for their continued selfless love. THE LOVE OF A PARENT! As they say, you will always be a parent, no matter how grown your children get.

So, here's to all you parents & your irreplaceable, unmatched, self-sacrificing love!

We love you back!

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