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Alone In A Room Full Of People close, but so far away

One look, but so far away

One touch, but so far away

That smile, not for me

That twinkle in an eye, not for me

That joyful laugh, not for me

Conversations fill the room, but so empty

Warm embraces all around, but so empty

Alone I stand in this room, oh so empty

But I'm in a room full of people, so…

I look, I touch, I smile

I laugh, I speak, I embrace,

You may even see that twinkle in my eye

But still, alone In this room I stand. -Anonymous


Have you ever felt this way? We all at some point in time have gone through similar feelings & can relate to some degree.

Maybe you've felt misunderstood, nervous, shy, self-doubt, undervalued, unappreciated and yes, the list can go on. Maybe these feelings come from strangers or quite possibly a loved one.

What do you do? How do you gather yourself? How can you overcome those feelings?


Look in the mirror of self-reflection. Always remember what YOU bring to the table. Make a list if you have to, of all your positive traits, your skills, your accomplishments, your goals, and your dreams. These things make you special and make you worthy to stand in that space of pride. Know your worth. For every 10 people that don't know this or value your positive traits, there is one that does. Find that someone.


Yes, you may be having those feelings for the moment. But the important thing is to get out of those feelings as soon as you can. Sometimes this is not easy, sometimes you may just want to stay there for a while, thus the saying..."you're in your feelings".

Go through your process but call a friend, talk about it! Allow them to help you through your pain and anxiety. And better yet, share a laugh! Contrary to what we may believe, sometimes our people know us better than we know ourselves. They can bring new perspectives to a situation, perspectives that can help us change our own view of circumstances, if we are open.


Use every opportunity you can to learn and grow. If some of your feelings of self-doubt are justified, now is a perfect time work on the things that are bring up those emotions. Communication on it. Need more experience in a certain area... take some classes. Lack of joy.... find an outlet or a hobby that makes you happy. In a rut...try something new. Why not treat yourself to your favorite restaurant? Play some feel-good music, sing, dance! Download that book you've been wanting to read. Sign up for that online class. Start planning a weekend trip. Remember, you are in the driver's seat and you’re in control!

So, the next time you are in that “room”, thinking you are standing alone. You are NOT! You have people ahead of you who have paved the way and experienced things that they can share, you have friends behind you, giving you that extra push you may need to get up, and you also have loved ones right beside you ready to hold your hand as you take the next step forward.

You Are The Light In That Room!


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