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C'MON...WE'RE ON VACATION! Could There Be Trouble In Paradise?

Well for some (like me) the Summer is almost drawing to a close. Once August 15th hits, it's downhill from my mind anyway. For others, they've still got that last summer hoorah planned.

The great things about vacation is that you get to put all your worries & issues aside, so that you can enjoy the things in life that make you happy! That includes your significant other. Drinks under the palm trees, frolicking in the sand, wrapping up in a nice cozy tent, sharing excitement over that great find at the antique shop. Think about all the great times you've enjoyed together on vacation & you'll know what I mean.

Things aren't always that breezy are they? Let's be realistic here – everyone is going to bump heads & disagree about something... even on vacation. BUT, if you find yourselves having serious issues that you can't work out & work out fairly quickly, it's a tell tale sign that there may be trouble in paradise.

If you can't work things out when life is at its sweetest, so that you can at least enjoy the present even for just the moment, then how will you work them out when you are in the throws of life with outside pressures & stresses?

So, the next time you are on vacation & an issue arises...think to yourself, is it really worth ruining our piece of paradise? Work it out!

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