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Many say in life things will change sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. As we grow older change is inevitable. That is the only constant that “change will come” as the song states. But how do we prepare for such a change? Here are a few things that will definitely change in life and how to look upon such change favorably.


As you mature, changes in friendships are three fold. First, friends you once had will become acquaintances. Second, the amount of friends you have will decrease and third, some friends you have will always be friends whether you only speak occasionally. Your life changes either due to getting married, having children and even your career/job will cause some disruption in your friendships. However, all is not lost. Be sure to hold onto the friendships that bring joy and value to your life. You know those friends that when you call you instantly have inside jokes, talk about the good old days and they put a smile on your face. Those friendships will be the most important for the good and bad times.


Throughout your adulthood you may have many changes in career. We are taught you pick what you want to do at the end of high school and you go to college, study for that career and work in that same job and live life happily ever after. However this is so far from the truth. Life is not so black and white nor always filled with rosy outcomes. You may have 1, 2 or even many career changes based on your circumstances. That career you loved after college may not be right when you start having a family. Embrace the changes and don’t get down on yourself for not sticking to one thing. There is a different fruit for every season. Pick your fruit and enjoy it!


Now here is the big one! If change hasn’t happened yet it is coming I can assure you. Relationships also involve a three fold change because there is more than one person involved. There will be changes in your partner, yourself and the relationship as a whole. And no there is no way to prevent it or prepare for it, we just have to embrace it. The beginning of your relationship may have been the most “perfect” love story but experiences, hardships, and demands of life are going to add a little seasoning and maybe some you don’t care for. However you can work with the seasoning you get. Hectic schedules may cause you both not to have as much time for the romance but change that routine. Make an effort to spend time with your mate, it is vital! It will not look the same for everyone but little things make a difference. Reset your focus on each other to combat the space that starts to creep in year after year. Make sure to express your love and admiration for your partner daily. It will make a difference.


The changes in self are some of the biggest changes of all. As an adolescent you are naturally more self centered and this is not a bad thing at all. You are concerned about your needs and desires and everyone else is secondary. However as you mature and experience relationships this begins to fade and you become more focused on others. Only problem with this is your self care and self love diminishes and suffers. Self love is vital in order to maintain friendships, careers and relationships. Make sure that you are showing yourself some love throughout these changes. Remember self love involves more than just a nice bubble bath. It is a full awareness of your feelings, your physical, mental and spiritual well being.


All in all, love is a funny thing because it is something we all experience yet it is hard to describe. It’s something you know, you feel, you express yet it is so complex. Changes in life surrounding friendships, career and even your relationships can test the boundaries of what you think love is and should be. But as you continue to grow and change, remember love will be there and you will find it in the friendships you cultivate, the career that speaks to your heart, the relationship that you nurture and the love you give yourself.

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