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IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO. 5 Ways To Work Together To Make It A Beautiful Relationship

We've all heard it before... "It Takes Two To Tango". Most of the time it's used in a negative sense.

But let's look at it in a positive light!

When done right a Tango is a sensual ballroom dance having various steps, dramatic pauses and poses. It's sexy, it's romantic, it's passionate, it's powerful...all of the afore mentioned & then some!

In a beautiful relationship you have all of the above. It takes both of you to:

1) Make it work. Practice practice practice. You'll step on each others toes, you may even trip occasionally, sometimes you fall. But guess what you do? Get up...brush yourself off & practice some more. The end results are glorious.

2) Make the Romance Last. Do what he likes, do what she likes. Do what you both like. It doesn't have to be over the top. The Tango has subtle movements...that soft touch in the back, guiding the female. Awww isn't that romantic?

3) Make it Sexy. Spice it up!

4) Make it Passionate. Be passionate about your hobbies & be passionate about each other.

5) Create a Powerful Bond. Communicate & build a bond that is not easily broken.

In no time flat, you'll be Tango-ing the greatest Tango of all times. Score: Perfect 10!

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