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SWEETEN YOUR LOVE LIFE: 10 Creative Ways To Ignite That Spark!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Being in a "romance rut" can happen to the best of us, regardless of how strong our love and commitment may be. Life happens, work happens, kids, happen, you happen (to get in your own way). The excitement and passion that were once top priority can sometimes fade, leaving us feeling stuck, bored, and uninspired. Are you in this situation, well fret not!

There are countless ways to express love; some creative ways are often the most memorable. Let's explore some effective ways to put that spark back into your romance and bring back that loving feeling. End result? A deeper, more fulfilling connection.

Here are a few ideas to start:

1. Write a love letter or poem: Sometimes, the most effective way to express love is through words. Get that pen out & write a heartfelt letter or poem, then share it with them in a special way. You could leave it on their pillow with their favorite candy, tuck it into their lunch, save it as a screen saver on the phone/laptop/TV, or kick it up a notch and read it to them by candlelight with some instrumental music in the background. Want to step out of your comfort zone? Rap it! It'll be even better if you can't rap (you'll both remember this occasion for a long time to come).

2. Create a personalized gift: Show your love by making something special for your partner. It could be a slideshow of your favorite memories, a painting, custom tee, or even a piece of jewelry you've designed just for them. is a great resource for unique gifts. Put some thought into it, your significant other will appreciate it & think of you every time they see it. Bragging rights among their friend group.

3. Plan a surprise date: This is one of my favorite things to do. I hate getting surprises but LOVE giving them. One year I was a chauffeur & stayed in character all day/night as I drove my husband to planned destinations/activities around the city. This trip culminated at the location we 1st met. So go for it! Surprise your partner with a special date tailored just for them. It could be a picnic in the park, a sunset hike, or a night out at their favorite restaurant. Spa day? Ticket to the game? Maybe kick the kids out and have a surprise date at home where you play games, listen to music, sing & dance? Or if you want to go big, go big...pack those bags & take a trip! Check out this surprise adventure our friend group planned...maybe it'll give you a little inspiration.

4. Cook a special meal: Prepare your version of a 5-star meal for your partner, complete with candlelight and their favorite foods. Food can be a powerful way to express love. In many cultures, preparing and sharing food with others is considered an act of love and caring. Food can evoke memories and emotions and sharing a meal can create a sense of connection and togetherness. Eating together is definitely a way to bond create a shared experience. No time to get elaborate...grab some crackers, cheese, grapes & wine!

5. Do something unexpected: Sometimes, the most creative way to express love is to do something unexpected. This could be as simple as leaving a note (or something more "creative") or surprising them with a thoughtful gesture when they least expect it.

6. Make a photo album or scrapbook: Gather all the photos and memories you’ve collected and arrange them in a beautiful album or scrapbook. You could even write little captions or stories to accompany each photo. This will take some time and effort, but it'll last forever.

7. Create a personalized playlist: Compile a list of special songs for your relationship and make a playlist. Playing certain songs can bring back memories and feelings associated with specific moments in time, and much like food, music strengthens the bond between partners. You could even record a message or little stories between songs to make it even more personal.

8. Give a massage: Create your own at home spa! Treat your partner to a relaxing massage (get those oils ready). You could create a DIY spa night with candles, music, and other pampering treats.

9. Make a video message: Record a message expressing your love and send it to your partner when they least expect it. You could also include clips of special memories that you’ve shared. Can you imagine them smiling ear to ear at work? On their commute? While they are hanging out with friends? Not only will you be doing something great for your boo...smiles are contagious so whoever is around at the time of delivery are going to feel really good too.

10. Do Nothing: Yup, you read that right. Have a "Do Nothing Day." This may take a little planning beforehand but it is so worth it. Quality time with just the two of you. No alarm clocks, No obligations, no schedules, no phone calls, lay around, binge some tv, order some food, go for a walk, listen to music, read with each other, lay around some more. So, in other words your do nothing day equals do nothing you don't want to do!

So, how did you like this list? Do you plan on using any or all of the above?

Remember, Love is a force that drives people to do great things. It can inspire acts of kindness, compassion, and selflessness. Love can be both a source of great joy and a motivator. Ultimately, love makes us human, it's an undeniable quality that should be cherished and nurtured. So let's try igniting that spark!


But, before you go, we have a question for you...

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